The Intensive neovital food supplement cure

This intensive cure is applied in 3 weeks instead of 3 - to 4 months and is designed for those who are in a good and healthy connection with their body have concluded just a normal intestinal care wish to do remedial fastings without big hunger.

After the end of the normal 3-4-month intestinal care cure you can add one more intensive intestinal care cure. This cure exists of a 2-week prepurification and a one-week main purification which effect already appears during the second day.

During the prepurification you take 2 - 3 times daily mass powder and up to one hour later the cleansing capsules. Also you should eat only fruit, vegetables and salads. In the morning during the 2-nd week of the precleaning you should, in addition, have 1 glass of heated water with 1 teasp. Sodium and 1 glass of water with 1 teasp. lemon juice, so that the body becomes basic. In the main cleaning phase you take 3 - 4 times daily mass powder and up to 1 hour later the cleansing capsules. Additionally, if it becomes necessary with constipation, arrange 1 to 2 enemas with boiled water (mixed with some drops of eucalyptus) per day. With the intensive cure 2 enemas per week are also recommended even with good digestion. Whoever does not cope with intestinal enemas, should apply natural purges. During the main purification there is no firm food. Herbal teas and with water watered fruit juices ( 1: 1) are permitted.

Neovital herbal cure is a food supplement which is sufficient for 3 - 4 months. The application table on the last side is merely a non-binding guidance. On account of the different stretch property and capacity of the bowel you also need different amounts of the mass powder. You can vary your own taking amount according to your demand, because is not to be calculated on side effects.

Contains 2 x 390 gs mass powder and 2 x 72 caps. à 0.68 mg of cleansing powder half a food supplement cure as a test packet for 2 months for everybody who would first like to try out the intestinal cure; nevertheless, it should be pointed out that a cure of 3-4 months is necessary for a good intestinal cleaning.