Natural body reactions

The more reactions your body shows at the intestinal care, all the more a purification of the bowel is needed. If your belly stretches strongly, you should reduce the dosage on half. If you do not feel fine in general, an enema with boiled water or the application of a natural purge gets fast relief. Also in this case you reduce the dosage of the capsules, until you feel better again. Pay attention to the fact that you drink daily enough water, min. 2 litres per day, or 2 glasses of water before every meal.

If too many old and hardened excrement masses free themselves at the same time, constipations can occur. Take then more mass powder and less cleansing powder, so that less mucus forms and the excrement masses are emptied more easily; pay attention to the fact that you drink enough water. If necessary reduce the whole dosage of the nursing cure.

As a rule you note from 4th - 5th week of the nursing cure the removal of old depositions from the bowel. These are mostly from slimy or hardened consistency and smell not quite pleasant, because in these old excrement depositions still strong putrefaction processes take place.

An increase of the faeces during this intestinal cure is normal. Often your appetite decreases during the cure. Now your body needs less food to supply itself with the vital materials of essential importance. Also there is as a desired concomitant with more corpulent persons a decrease in weight.