To the support of the intestinal care

Berberitzenbeeren (strong fat burner) purify and maintain the bowel. Strongly vitamin C-containing, helps your body in the decontamination, promotes the fat combustion and fat digestion.

Grandmas secret recipe against constipation : rice s oup with rose blossoms Old-Persian recipe for intestinal cleaning and against constipation take 50 gs of rice, 50 gs of chopped parsley and cut garlic and 15 gs of rose blossoms, as well as spices, e.g., salt, pepper, curcuma and perhaps Hing. Set the rice with ½ litres of water on fire, until the rice is cooked almost ready. Then add the remaining ingredients and allow the whole to cook during approx. 15 min. at low temperature. If the liquid is not sufficient, add some water. This recipe releases your digestive tract from gases, parasites and putrefaction.