Why intestinal care?

More than 80% of the immune system is in the bowel and in the lymphatic system! Our refined food, drugs (especially antibiotics), alcohol, drugs, nicotine, preservatives and spray chemicals damage the intestinal flora and favour above others a spreading out of injurious parasites.

The clogging of the bowels by egg white surplus (and also by meat, sausage, eggs, grain, soy and cow milk products) does the rest. Viscous masses like paste cover the intestinal walls and form the fertile soil for parasites and injurious micro-organisms. Remove this! A reception of the essential vitamins and minerals by the intestinal mucous membranes is thus hardly possible . Instead the toxic metabolism products of the injurious parasites and mushrooms who live in this rotting mucus layer are received and your whole body gets poisened. Besides, the constant achievement pressure of our society and psychic conflicts weaken constantly our digestive system and promote the above mentioned processes.

The results of it are: clogging, poisoning and impairment of your whole organism; skin illnesses, rheumatic illnesses, acidification of the body, thick blood, fungal disease and a lot more. Also a thorough blood cleaning is not useful at all : the clean blood accumulates new metabolism poisons by the putrefaction processes in the bowel immediately again.

Health food low in protein, as for example raw vegetarian food is excellent, then no other excrement depositions originate in the bowel. Their old depositions, however, from often decades of false food, can be made effectively soft by a special intestinal care cure and be excreted. Otherwise the "old loads" in spite of the best food further rot in your body and contaminate it with toxic metabolism products. Also these depositions prevent a good reception of the esential vitamins and minerals by the intestinal mucous membrane.

To feel again clean, healthy and fit there is an actual way: The slimy and hardened excrement depositions in the bowel are made soft and removed thoroughly. This goes easily and fast by an intelligent and well thought-out intestinal cleaning cure. The older and more weakly a person is, the dirtier is also the alimentary tract and even more positively this purification affects the whole organism.

Even children can carry out this cure with an accordingly diminished dosage. The Neovital additional nutricition is a miraculous wellness cure which itself can completely purify clogged bowels without a lot of expenditure again. By the purification of the bowel of all its depositions the fertile soil and with it the life basis is taken away from the injurious bacteria and parasites. At the end of the intestinal care cure , the bowel contains again 85% of the lacto-bacteria and only 15% Kolibacteria and not vice versa as with the ill bowel before the process.